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qPCR and PCR master mixes, enzymes, and reagents

Using commercially produced master mixes, enzymes, and reagents ensures simple, efficient experiment setup and consistent data. Each batch of reagents from IDT undergoes rigorous quality assessments for performance and reproducibility, moving you one step closer to achieving successful and consistent qPCR results.

PrimeTime® Gene Expression Master Mix »

PrimeTime Gene Expression Master Mix is a ready-to-use, 2X master mix containing enzyme, hot-start antibody, buffers, and salts needed for probe-based qPCR studies. Reference dye is included in a separate tube for optional use. PrimeTime Gene Expression Master Mix ships at ambient temperatures to minimize shipping costs and delays while limiting environmental impact.

Use PrimeTime Gene Expression Master Mix for either fast or standard cycling in two-step, probe-based RT-qPCR experiments. Generate reliable data with guaranteed assay efficiencies >90% when used with PrimeTime qPCR Assays.

rhAmp™ Genotyping Master Mix and Reporter Mixes »

The rhAmp SNP Genotyping System is an integrated genotyping solution including complementary formulated mixes specially designed for use with rhAmp SNP Assays. rhAmp Genotyping Master Mix contains novel versions of both RNase H2 enzyme and Taq polymerase, along with additional components needed for specific amplification of targeted alleles. rhAmp Reporter Mix includes a universal reporter probe mix and is available with or without reference dye.

Together with rhAmp SNP Assays, these mixes form a highly accurate and easy-to-use method to perform genotyping studies.

RNase H2 enzyme »

RNase H2 enzyme is an endoribonuclease that binds to RNA-DNA duplexes and cleaves the RNA strand. As a core component of rhPCR technology, the RNase H2 enzyme works with rhPCR primers to increase precision over traditional nucleic acid amplification systems. rhPCR technology is ideal for customer-developed rhPCR assay applications, such as rare variant detection, splice variant discovery, or microbial identification studies.

Water, buffer, and nuclease control »

Buffers, water, and work surfaces free of nucleases are important to ensure sample integrity and accurate results when performing qPCR experiments. Use IDTE, Nuclease-Free Water, and Nuclease Decontamination Solution to provide a clean environment for qPCR studies.