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Save time and resources with industry-leading oligos manufactured to your specifications.

Next generation sequencing

Rely on our expanded NGS portfolio for flexible sequencing solutions to accelerate your research.

Genes & gene fragments

Reliably create genomic constructs with sequence-verified gBlocks™ fragments or simply order cloned products for convenience.


Experience greater sensitivity and better confidence in your data with PrimeTime and rhAmp™ products.

Functional genomics

Achieve increased potency and better specificity in loss-of-function studies using short oligos.

Reagents & kits

High-quality genomics reagents to complete experimental workflows.

GMP, OEM & integrations

Customized products and services to meet rigorous quality requirements for clinical and molecular diagnostic applications.

Optional services

Customized services to enhance the purity, QC, formulation, or other specifications of select standard product offerings.

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Applications and benefits of CRISPR functional genomics screens using arrayed guide RNA libraries

Both arrayed and pooled CRISPR screens can identify important genes or genetic sequences within a genome. We contrast using pooled versus arrayed CRISPR guide RNA libraries to perform functional genomics screens. While pooled libraries can have cost benefits, arrayed libraries can often provide greater accuracy. Arrayed libraries are also frequently ideal for secondary, confirmation screens or highly targeted screens.

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