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Environmental Policy

Integrated DNA Technologies, Inc. is committed to minimizing the environmental impacts of its manufacturing and research operations and its products and services, and to continuously improving its environmental management programs.

It is IDT policy to:

  1. Prevent and reduce pollution to air, land, and water through programs that reduce environmental impacts and conserve natural resources.
  2. Identify, understand and commit to comply with applicable legal and other requirements to which IDT subscribes.
  3. Review environmental objectives and targets and set guidelines for reduction of environmental impacts.
  4. Evaluate the effectiveness of and continually improve our EMS by:
    • Reviewing and understanding current environmental legislation
    • Implementing an effective EMS that addresses applicable customer and regulatory concerns
    • Training and educating employees and those working on behalf of IDT
    • Identifying the environmental impacts associated with company activities
    • Setting targets and objectives to reduce or eliminate adverse impacts on the environment (e.g., source reduction and waste minimization practices).

See our Sustainability page for more information on the steps IDT is taking to reduce environmental impact.