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xGen™ Predesigned Amplicon Panels

Ready-to-use panels designed for research on COVID-19, oncology, inherited diseases, metagenomics, or sample ID that allow you to investigate answers to your questions.

xGen NGS—ready to react.

xGen Amplicon Technology

Amplicon primers

xGen HS Amplicon Technology


Amplicon sequencing is a method that targets distinct regions of a genome for sequencing. The method uses highly multiplexed pairs of primers that flank the desired regions of the genome. The use of primer pairs for targeted regions provides the ability to adjust the length of each amplicon for the specific sequencing instrument. In addition, the primers can be adjusted to avoid areas of the genome with high GC base pairs or secondary structures. The method is best used for understanding genetic variation, which makes it amenable to agricultural, environmental, and medical research applications.

The xGen family of predesigned amplicon panels makes it easy for you to identify genetic variation such as single nucleotide variations (SNVs), single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs), insertions/deletions (indels), etc. For research in:

  • SARS-CoV-2 viral genomes
  • Oncology/inherited disease related genes including the EGFR pathway
  • Complex microbial communities

IDT also offers the xGen Human Sample ID Amplicon Panel

  • For tracking sample identity through longitudinal research studies

In each of the xGen Amplicon Panels, the PCR primers are manufactured with the IDT proprietary DNA synthesis technology. The panels have been tested to ensure the primers amplify the targets with few dropouts.

Amplicon sequencing panels can also be expanded by adding xGen Custom Amplicon panels with primers that target your genes of interest. 

Don’t forget the core reagents for your panel

In addition to the panel of multiplexed PCR primers, the following reagents are required for the amplicon sequencing workflow:

  1. xGen Amplicon Core enables the 2-hour workflow that converts your DNA sample into a NGS library.
  2. xGen Amplicon UDI Primers that are specific to your Illumina® platform and unique research needs.
  3. xGen PEG NaCl Buffer which is needed for some panels.

For the exact reagents needed, refer to the individual xGen Predesigned Panels ordering pages. 



Confused by the options available for our predesigned amplicon sequencing selection? Not sure what you need in addition to the panel? Investigate the options and suggestions using our xGen NGS Solutions Builder Tool.

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xGen NGS Solutions Builder Tool

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