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Archer’s Assay Marketplace: A simple, full-service tool for custom panel design

What’s the secret to designing an Archer panel that meets your unique needs? It's Assay Marketplace, which is now a part of IDT. Learn more:
Archer’s Assay Marketplace: A simple, full-service tool for custom panel design hero image

A better way to NGS: AMP technology

The takeaway: Archer’s Assay Marketplace is a smart tool for those in the trenches of the global fight against cancer and who demand intelligent molecular detection products that are easy to use no matter where you are.

IDT’s recent acquisition of Archer's RUO NGS research assays from the Colorado-based comprehensive genomic sequencing company gives customers access to Archer’s Assay Marketplace.

The Assay Marketplace makes it easy for researchers—and in particular, novice researchers who want to research oncology—to achieve expert panel design, and it has helped make Archer one of the leading oncology research companies today. Let’s look at it in more depth.

Archer Assay Marketplace points the way to the right research panel

Launched in November 2021, the Assay Marketplace makes it easy for researchers to save time and resources when choosing a panel. Time savings is thanks to a smart user interface design and a wealth of search features.

The marketplace, said Elina Wegner, Archer’s associate director of custom product, is a simple and effective way to guide customers to the panel that works the best for them.

“When the customer uploads their gene selection, Assay Marketplace returns all of the catalog panels according to search criteria, and informs the user how many genes are matching, extra, or missing from each catalog panel,” she said. “Additionally, it suggests a custom panel if none of the catalog offerings fulfill the user’s target list.”

From there, customers can choose the panel that best matches their target and sequencing read allocation needs. “The Assay Marketplace has a 2-4-week turnaround from order to shipment,” Wegner said, adding that it leverages Archer’s expanding database of predesigned, functionally tested primers to inspire confidence in every assay’s performance.

How to use the Archer Assay Marketplace

Archer designed the Assay Marketplace to be easy to use for everyone:

  • Create an account—all that is needed is your name, phone number, job title, address, and a password
  • Select targets of interest by uploading your list of genes or fusions of interest, then search the built-in online database of functionally tested primers
  • Let the Assay Marketplace go to work—you can evaluate and compare catalog and custom panel suggestions to find the one that best suits your research needs
  • Ready to get to work? Requesting a quote for your stocked panel, or getting a quote after using the custom panel builder, is simple

How to select the right Archer catalog panel

Choosing the right Archer panel is easy thanks to the simple built-in filters. You can search by:

  • Workflow (FUSIONPlex™, VARIANTPlex™, and LIQUIDPlex™)
  • Disease type (solid tumor, blood cancers, sarcoma, and germline)
  • Platform (Ion Torrent and Illumina)
  • And design type (catalog panel and gene module)

Archer has more than 20 catalog assays designed to analyze DNA, RNA, or ctDNA inputs, with an additional 420 gene modules for customization.

Panel design made powerful with AMP™ technology

Archer’s Anchored Multiplex PCR chemistry, or AMP, is at the core of Archer’s technology. AMP primers function independently, making it a cinch to add new content to existing panels while maintaining performance. Purpose-built design algorithms ensure our panels achieve consistent primer amplification, specificity, and coverage with the intended input material.

To learn more about Archer’s Assay Marketplace, click here. To explore IDT’s options for hybridization capture, click here.

*RUO—For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures. Unless otherwise agreed to in writing, IDT does not intend for these products to be used in clinical applications and does not warrant their fitness or suitability for any clinical diagnostic use. Purchaser is solely responsible for all decisions regarding the use of these products and any associated regulatory or legal obligations. 

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