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PrimerQuest® Tool

Effortlessly design PCR and qPCR assays for any species

  • ✔ Probe-based qPCR assays
  • ✔ Intercalating dye (SYBR® Green) qPCR assays
  • ✔ PCR and qPCR primers spanning exon junctions
  • ✔ Sequencing primers
  • ✔ Multiplexed PCR and qPCR
Input target sequences manually (FASTA), or download them using GenBank ID or Accession Number
Enter sequences individually or in bulk (up to 50 sequences) via Excel
Customize multiple design parameters, including primer and probe characteristics, exon junctions, amplicon length, and more

Design efficient PCR and qPCR primers and probes using online tools

The basics of designing customized primers and probes at IDT. Be sure to read the section, “The PrimerQuest Tool in 4 steps”.

PrimerQuest Tool: From basic to highly customizable designs

In-depth tips on how to get the most out of the PrimerQuest Tool, with discussion of a variety of common qPCR applications.

Design considerations for qPCR assays

Hear from our Senior Application Specialist, Dr. Erik Wendlandt, as he describes several free online tools that can help you design better primers and probes for your assays.

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