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SciTools Plus API overview

With IDT SciToolsTM Plus API you can incorporate our industry-leading oligos, gene analysis, and design services into your own design pipeline applications. You can also use the API to access your orders, invoices, and payment information. These services authenticate through OAuth and require an IDT account for you to obtain an API key. Once you finish setting up authentication, you can explore services through Swagger and begin developing your integrations.

Get access to the API

  1. Sign in or create a new IDT account here.
  2. Go to your user name drop down menu at the top right of the page, and select My account.
  3. Click the API access link.
  4. Click the Request new API key button.
  5. In the Create new client dialog, enter a unique Client ID and Client description. Note: keep these values secure, as they could be used by others to access data related to your IDT purchases.
  6. Check the box to accept the API terms and conditions, and click the Submit button.
    • Your API Client secret will be generated and displayed alongside the Client ID and Client description you provided.
    • Your Client ID and Client secret will be used as parameters in the call to our authentication service to obtain a bearer token that can be used to authenticate all other API requests.

Explore the API endpoints

You can explore the API via Swagger.

We also provide a Postman collection showing sample calls and the JSON output returned. We recommend that you import the collection into Postman to become familiar with use of the services and to generate sample code that you can use in your applications.

As part of our mission to serve our customers in advancing their research, IDT makes these services freely available to account holders for authorized use per our terms and conditions. Please review the API terms and conditions before you begin.

Please note—we limit the use of the APIs to a maximum of 500 calls per minute. If you have a use case that would require calls at a rate above that limit, please contact IDT support at

Your feedback is valuable to us and will help to improve the SciTools Plus API. Please fill out our survey.

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