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Walk RM, Elliot ST, Blanco FC, Snyder JA, Jacobi AM, Rose SD, Behlke MA, Salem AK, Vukmanovic S, Sandler AD. (2012) T-cell activation is enhanced by targeting IL-10 cytokine production in toll-like receptor- stimulated macrophages. ImmunoTargets and Therapy, 1 : 13–23.
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Dobosy JR, Rose SD, Beltz KR, Rupp SM, Powers KM, Behlke MA, Walder JA. (2011) RNase H-dependent PCR (rhPCR): improved specificity and single nucleotide polymorphism detection using blocked cleavable primers. BMC Biotechnol, 11 : 1–18.
Michel CI, Holley CL, Scruggs BS, Sidhu R, Brookheart RT, Listenberger LL, Behlke MA, Ory DS, Schaffer JE. (2011) Small nucleolar RNAs U32a, U33, and U35a are critical mediators of metabolic stress. Cell Metab, 14 : 33–44.
Owczarzy R, You Y, Groth CL, Tataurov AV. (2011) Stability and mismatch discrimination of locked nucleic acid-DNA duplexes. Biochem, 50 : 9352–9367.

New nearest-neighbor parameters correctly forecast the positive and negative effects of LNAs on mismatch discrimination. Specificity is enhanced in a majority of sequences and is dependent on mismatch type and adjacent base pairs.

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