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Dahan L, Huang L, Kedmi R, Behlke MA, and Peer D. (2013) SNP detection in mRNA in living cells using allele specific FRET probes. PLoS ONE, 8 : e72389.
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Thiel WH, Bair T, Peek AS, Liu X, Dassie J, Stockdale KR, Behlke MA, Miller FJ, Giangrande PH. . (2012) Rapid identification of cell-specific, internalizing RNA aptamers with bioinformatics analyses of a cell-based aptamer selection. PLoS One, 7 : e43836.
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Khairuddin N, Gantier MP, Blake SJ, Wu SY, Behlke MA, Williams BR, McMillan NA. (2012) SiRNA-induced immunostimulation through TLR7 promotes antitumoral activity against HPV-driven tumors in vivo. Immunol Cell Biol, 90 : 187–196.
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